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If stable RHS: Status Quo release is preceded by one or more experimental releases (not dev), then the changelog between this stable release and last stable release should be considered the combination of all the experimental changelogs in between as well as the changelog between the last experimental and stable release.


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 1026

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 75 (951)

Changes: 15 additions, 35 improvements, 45 fixes and 4 deletions.


[Added] Deflated jacket for vkpo

[Added] Deflated jacket with 6b51

[Added] Toggle illuminator action to 1PN138

[Added] Camo version of AK74M

[Added] Camo version of AN-94

[Added] Camo version of 6L23 Plastic mag

[Added] Eject action for T14

[Added] RPM Based AI perceivability to T14

[Added] Configuration for T14 inventory

[Added] Zenitco Perst "Klassika" V4

[Added] NVG built in illuminator functionality for PVS14 and 1PN138

[Added] Added working key bind for turning ON/OFF NVG IR illuminator - default hold [N] but can be changed in Settings->Controls->RHS->NVG built in illuminator; fixes #362

[Added] Checkbox to set if sights should be folded by default; fixes #323

[Added] Functionality of IR laser for LTSU; fixes #309

[Added] Localization of LTSU name and description


[Improved] 1PN93 hdr

[Improved] Changed slot type from vest to armored vest on 6b45 and pc gen3

[Improved] Added actual armor to pcgen3 and 6b45

[Improved] Converted collimators to new tech

[Improved] Tweaked action contexts on M27 + its accessories

[Improved] Adjusted 1P78 and TA31RCO FOV in 2D mode

[Improved] Added sights priority to TA31RCO

[Improved] Tweaked default brightness of collimators

[Improved] MS2000 localization strings

[Improved] Added NVG key bind to the controls menu - located in Equipment category

[Improved] Tweaked red dot size on T1

[Improved] Some rough setup of 1p87 zeroing

[Improved] Created separate category in control menu to contain all RHS key binds

[Improved] VIP emissive material improvements

[Improved] VIP Strobe now has ability to emit short IR pulses; fixes #328

[Improved] Better handling when light device is placed in container

[Improved] Changed 'toggle <nvg_name>' action name to reflect that its turning ON/OFF its ir illuminator

[Improved] Added SightsPriority parameter to Bravo4 & M8541

[Improved] Tweaked Su-230 optic configuration and tweaked more or less 2D view (WIP)

[Improved] Added proper mine collider for k17; Closes #333

[Improved] Changed PVS14 WP HDR to look more like irl

[Improved] Changed PVS14 GP HDR to compensate for 0.99 HDR changes

[Improved] Reduced PVS14 film grain effect

[Improved] Reduced NVG IR illuminator strength

[Improved] 6B47 textures

[Improved] NV HDR; Fixes #363

[Improved] 2A42 now uses 3UBR6 ammo

[Improved] RHS_LightDevice item transfer handling

[Improved] Pseudo flir for 1TWS

[Improved] Radial entry now has text over preview instead of other way around

[Improved] T14 muzzle and smoke particles

[Improved] NVG UI mask wont play 'Turn ON' animation when going back to controlling character from Game Master mode (and few other instances)

[Improved] Added more items and medicine to k17 trunk

[Improved] M27 with scopes will have iron sights folded by default

[Improved] RPG7 with 1PN93 sight will have its iron sights folded by default


[Fixed] Plastic 45 rounders were missing from arsenal

[Fixed] Disabled dozens of scripts and did some hectic updates to some of them (look IKS_DE ifdef)

[Fixed] Fixed name of component in RHS_Character_Base.et - USMC characters can now be loaded in game (EMR is still broken)

[Fixed] Hotfixed 6X9 - prefab is not being shown correctly but at least you can place character in game

[Fixed] Finished fix of 6X9 bayonet

[Fixed] Part 1 of vehicle fixes

[Fixed] Vest_Ratnik_6B45.et was using wrong slot

[Fixed] Fixed showcase scenario spawn

[Fixed] Light devices would continue to emit light/s when put inside containers like backpack; fixes #332

[Fixed] Wrong model referenced in MS2000 pap file

[Fixed] Wrong back Velcro offset in ECH_Base prefab

[Fixed] NVG eye splash lights; fixes #330

[Fixed] MS2000 visible in FPP when attached to the helmet

[Fixed] NPE when screen effects manager was missing

[Fixed] NVG mask opacity issue

[Fixed] Fixed T1 aimpoint collimator dot

[Fixed] BRAVO4 pip camera position

[Fixed] Missing default key binds in Settings -> Controls -> RHS

[Fixed] Wrong camera position on SU230; fixes #353

[Fixed] Missing light prefab

[Fixed] ANPEQ16 wouldn't be ON when spawned if the prefab had option to turn ON when spawned and selected visible light; fixes #358

[Fixed] T14 Suspension; Fixed issue #342

[Fixed] T14 and K17 Sights; Fixed issue #346, #290

[Fixed] Ammo for AGS; Fixed issue #213

[Fixed] 1p87 w/ Magnifiers & NVG excessive reticle sway during movement

[Fixed] Broken UI on k17 and t14

[Fixed] T14 Driver HUD ; Fixed issue #365

[Fixed] NVG eye splash effect would be always visible for proxy

[Fixed] Proxy would sometimes be able to see IR lights without NV due to latency to the host

[Fixed] Issue where where PEQ IR lights would remain enabled after changing mode

[Fixed] Resurrecting radial menu; fixes #334

[Fixed] Not working NVG key bind

[Fixed] Too powerful NVG 'eye light'

[Fixed] Fixed Vector and PDU reticles

[Fixed] Bravo4 color reticle misalignment

[Fixed] Fixed keybinding issues in NVGs and LRFs; fixes #351

[Fixed] Revive PDU and Vector21 functionality; fixes #350

[Fixed] 1TWS reticle misalignment

[Fixed] Fixed all ActionContext related error log spam from T14, K17 and M1151; fixes #360

[Fixed] Fixed typo in 6B7-1M localization; fixes #357

[Fixed] T14 returned to GM

[Fixed] PEQ IR Laser would remain ON for player which had NVG ON when he died; fixes #372

[Fixed] Cant turn off NVG that was picked up from dead body; fixes #371

[Fixed] NVG UI mask wouldn't show after switching to entity that didn't have NVG

[Fixed] Bug that would prevent LightDevice from being brought back from suspension when taken out of storage container (fe. backpack)


[Removed] Unused and test 6b45 prefabs

[Removed] Unused ak material

[Removed] Old vehicle components from T14

[Removed] T14 From zeus due critical errors causing gamecrash


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 951

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 27 (924)

Changes: 13 additions, 10 improvements, 26 fixes and 1 deletions.


[Added] RPK74N with rail

[Added] 6L26 45 round mag

[Added] PBS 4

[Added] Zenit b18 rail

[Added] AKSU versions with PBS4 and Zenit b18 rail

[Added] AN-94 with valday rail

[Added] Infratech 1tws with T1 mounted on side

[Added] Added White Phosphor variant of PVS14 NVG (in single and dual variant)

[Added] WP NVG variants can be found in USMC arsenal and can be distinguished from GP by their names and the fact that their inventory item preview is mirrored

[Added] Added WP NVG variants to RHS Showcase scenario

[Added] Zenitco B51 rail

[Added] PKM With B51 rail

[Added] Name and description for RHS 20 patch


[Improved] New temp interior for k17

[Improved] Localization for 1pn138

[Improved] Modified attach action script to show name of object that item will be attached to

[Improved] Adjusted M27 and ANPEQ16 interaction radius to prevent ANPEQ16 from obstructing flip action of M27 front iron sight

[Improved] Added new and changed few existing NVG related strings

[Improved] Adjusted film grain effect to have scintillation effect

[Improved] Ability to attach and detach masks (fe. balaclava), headsets and other components from helmets

[Improved] Attach and replace cloth attachment actions now display manipulated subjects names

[Improved] Ru localization for actions

[Improved] Shorter item names for actions that attach and replace cloth items


[Fixed] KAC rail covers were missing from arsenal

[Fixed] T14 turret storage colliders

[Fixed] 6X9 colliders

[Fixed] Minor 1pn138 fixes

[Fixed] Missing NVG animations

[Fixed] Being able to see IR lights after removing NVG from the helmet

[Fixed] NV UI mask would persist after removing NVG from the helmet

[Fixed] Missing flip up/down animation for 1pn138 NVG

[Fixed] Visible attach action when inspecting weapon while NVG are attached to the helmet

[Fixed] Possible nvg scope HDR fix

[Fixed] Not being able to attach clothing components that are already attached to other objects (fe. NVG that were attached to a helmet would not attach to users helmet when he would use theirs 'attach' action)

[Fixed] MS2000 animation wouldn't play when attached to the helmet

[Fixed] MS2000 animation would play only after user would remove IR cover for the second time

[Fixed] Missing NVG lights

[Fixed] Patch position on VKPO

[Fixed] Various headgear attachemnts inventory size

[Fixed] Rhs20™ patch size

[Fixed] Balaclava item position

[Fixed] Lshz normals

[Fixed] Lowered 6x9-1 metalness

[Fixed] VIP Strobe visible in FPP

[Fixed] If user that had NVG ON when he enterd arma vision or zeus mode then he would retain ability to see IR lights without NV

[Fixed] Headsets and masks could be placed in incorrect slots helmet

[Fixed] VIP strobe position on black lshz

[Fixed] LSHZ localization

[Fixed] Visibility of attach and replace actions which shouldn't be there


[Removed] Old NVG prefabs


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 924

Date: Sunday, June 18, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 14 (910)

Changes: 0 additions, 9 improvements, 11 fixes and 1 deletions.



[Improved] 1PN138 localization

[Improved] KAC rail covers localization

[Improved] Filmgrain filter

[Improved] AN/PRC - 152 BEEP option is no OFF by default

[Improved] Added missing and improved existing NV ui masks

[Improved] Refactored NV ui mask effect

[Improved] Improved NVG hdrs

[Improved] NV UI mask animation

[Improved] NV distortion and vignette adjustments


[Fixed] VIP pack position

[Fixed] Colored tint on image portion of NV ui mask

[Fixed] Missing ui masks properties from NVG prefabs

[Fixed] Ability to turn on NVG when using scopes that shouldn't allow for it

[Fixed] Scabbard was visible in vicinity; Fixes #311

[Fixed] Fixed SPC-III vest magazines visibility & USMC loadouts

[Fixed] T14 skirt anim

[Fixed] Fixed USMC rifleman was using wrong pouch for storage of magazines

[Fixed] Fixed wrong GUID in some of the USMC character loadouts which caused disconnects on dedicated server

[Fixed] Fixed USMC sniper wrong GUID reference

[Fixed] Map was missing from RF MSV EMR kits


[Removed] RPG warhead and penetrator override


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 910

Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 106 (804)

Changes: 34 additions, 52 improvements, 36 fixes and 1 deletions.


[Added] Added PC_Gen_III open top pouches

[Added] Created PC_Gen_III Rifleman variant

[Added] Added PC_Gen_III Rifleman to USMC Arsenal


[Added] NT4_QDSS (TEX WIP)

[Added] Added FILBE Hydration Pouch

[Added] Added FILBE Hydration Pouch to USMC Arsenal

[Added] NT4 Lods and colliders

[Added] Added PC_Gen_III_light (side plate pouches removed)

[Added] Rotated bands version of PMAG Pouch

[Added] Added Enhanced Modular Admin Pouch

[Added] Added Admin Pouch to PC Gen III Rifleman & Light variants

[Added] Added WIP M27 IAR Textures

[Added] M8541 Reticle Illumination

[Added] New M27 reload animation

[Added] Black balaclava

[Added] RHS 20 patch to various gear

[Added] AN PRC 152A Radio

[Added] Vkpo summer field jacket

[Added] RHS20 Patch to summer VKPO

[Added] AN/PRC-152A To arsenal

[Added] Summer vkpo jacket and underpants to arsenal

[Added] Added NVG mounting system (mount while wearing compatible helmet and remove with Radial)

[Added] Added AN/PVS-14 mono

[Added] Added helmet back velcro area type for mounting attachments

[Added] Added RHS_ItemActionGlobal class to be used for actions that propagate in MP

[Added] Dual PVS14 Variant

[Added] Ability to attach MS2000 to the helmet

[Added] New item model for summer field vkpo

[Added] More weapon presets (railed ak with 1p87, m27 with su230)

[Added] Kac rail covers

[Added] Point shooting feature to anpeq16

[Added] 6X9-1 bayonet for ratnik gear

[Added] 1PN138 Nvg


[Improved] Tweaked ironsights behavior on M27IAR

[Improved] Tweaked collimator behavior on SU230 (still glitchy)

[Improved] Increased NVG eye adaptation after disabling NVG

[Improved] Moved gamepad controls for radial menu to RB+LB+DUp to testing

[Improved] Added Depth of Field effect to PiP sights like TA31, SU-230, 1P86 and Bravo 4 to simulate blurry front sight

[Improved] Radial menu can ow be used to interact with weapon actions

[Improved] M27 IAR iron sight folding can be done via radial

[Improved] RPG-7 iron sight folding can be done via radial

[Improved] Slightly updated USMC faction with some placeholder assets

[Improved] Adjusted USMC loadouts (readded magazines after changing vests)

[Improved] Improved Open Top pouch textures

[Improved] Improved FILBE hydration pack textures

[Improved] NT4 Textures 2K set

[Improved] NT4 Textures

[Improved] Tweaked ANPEQ actions visibility (not available when on ground)

[Improved] Updated Combat Ops scenario

[Improved] Added AK74UN with laser to Arsenal

[Improved] NT4 Model & Textures

[Improved] USMC is now friendly to US and AFRF is now friendly to USSR

[Improved] Tweaked SPC vest configuration (stilly buggy) - any kind of magazine can be now visible on the vest

[Improved] Regenerated Eden pictures

[Improved] Tweaks to USMC loadouts

[Improved] T1 Localization

[Improved] Summer pants textures

[Improved] Added name/description for sum vkpo. jacket prefab placed on test map

[Improved] Small mesh geometry fixes and rig

[Improved] Final textures for valdai rail

[Improved] Supporting helmets can mount NVGs

[Improved] Radial now supports helmet attachment actions

[Improved] NVG storage detection

[Improved] Added some missing localizations

[Improved] VIP Strobe and battery pack now attachable to helmets with back velcro

[Improved] Helmet mounting system now supports more area types than just NVG

[Improved] Refactored helmet mounting actions

[Improved] Sight flipping actions should work over MP now

[Improved] UI for cloth storage system to allow for manipulation of slotted items (like NVG, earpro, patches etc) through the inventory screen

[Improved] Added PVS to arsenal

[Improved] Added RU helmet battery pack and strobe to arsenal

[Improved] Enabled MS2000 action to be visible in radial menu

[Improved] Assigned correct mask to dual NVG

[Improved] Added MS2000 to inventory; fixes #291

[Improved] Corrected emr-pattern for VKPO stuff - scale, color

[Improved] Clothing position on inventory preview icons

[Improved] Changed gear in RU presets

[Improved] 2a42 and 2a82 Sound

[Improved] Removed Penetration Density override from M929

[Improved] T14 armor rework

[Improved] Vkpo field jacket add lods

[Improved] 6x9-1 textures (resize for 1k)

[Improved] Bayonet position on ak74m

[Improved] 1p90 and 1pn138 localization

[Improved] Added hierarchy to 6L23 magazine


[Fixed] Fixed collimator grass flattening

[Fixed] CVCs were missing from USMC arsenal catalogue

[Fixed] Fixed wrong compression, ratio and naming of 30mm decal

[Fixed] Added low res navmesh - fixes #248

[Fixed] T14 turret was not disappearing after destruction

[Fixed] Fixed PC_Gen_III_Light name and description

[Fixed] Fixed PC_Gen_III_Rifleman name and description

[Fixed] Added Missing stuff to arsenal

[Fixed] Russian nvg scopes were missing from arsenal

[Fixed] M8541 Reticle

[Fixed] Fixed SU230 PIP near plane being too far and clipping the AN/PEQ16

[Fixed] M27 Localization

[Fixed] Casing ejection on m27

[Fixed] NT4 Was missing hierarchy component

[Fixed] Duplicated guid on pcgen3

[Fixed] Ru localization of anprc152 an 152A

[Fixed] Fixed some radial menu problems

[Fixed] Various T14 and K17 inventory fixes

[Fixed] Inventory size of PVS14

[Fixed] Inventory size of LShZ_attachment

[Fixed] ECH now uses fabric_military_plastic.gamemat for surface properties

[Fixed] NVG HDR fix

[Fixed] ANPEQ16 actions MP synchronization

[Fixed] Fixed Open top pouch collider

[Fixed] Picatinny Rail for AK is no longer detachable; fixes #287

[Fixed] FILBE hydration pack localizations; fixes #295

[Fixed] AN/PEQ-16 AH mode was missing from radial menu; fixes #296

[Fixed] Missing radio from RU presets

[Fixed] Various item size volume and inventory type fixes

[Fixed] 30mm rounds tracer error

[Fixed] Potential fix for R187P1 issues in MP

[Fixed] Fixed some US character in USMC groups

[Fixed] Missing missle prefab

[Fixed] Link to missing prefab in 6x9

[Fixed] Adjusted NVG mask to prevent it from covering other ui elements

[Fixed] NPE when player dies with ANPRC152 in his inventory


[Removed] Buggy Bravo 4 from test world


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 804

Date: Monday, May 15, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 17 (787)

Changes: 2 additions, 5 improvements, 11 fixes and 0 deletions.


[Added] New 1p87

[Added] Dry AK reload to AKS-74U


[Improved] Improved PC_Gen_III prefab storage

[Improved] T1 localization

[Improved] T1 reticle

[Improved] Positioning of ACOG and SU-230 on rails; fixes #279

[Improved] ECH textures


[Fixed] Fixed PC_Gen_III name and description

[Fixed] T1 was missing from arsenal

[Fixed] Fixed console log error about missing camo truck from MSV faction

[Fixed] Fixed T14 commander remap error

[Fixed] T14 turret no longer disappears after hitting a mine

[Fixed] T14 was resistant to mines; fixes #277

[Fixed] AKS74U Bullet Shell Origin

[Fixed] AKS74U Handguard typo

[Fixed] Lights on ik76 running

[Fixed] Possible fix to azart radio

[Fixed] Wrong attachments config



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 787

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 90 (697)

Changes: 19 additions, 26 improvements, 68 fixes and 4 deletions.


[Added] Radial menu for AN/PEQ-16 and 1P63 (early trials)

[Added] AKS74U with LTSU Attachment

[Added] Deep shadow under vehicle for k17 and t14

[Added] Vkpo 1 layer undershorts

[Added] MSV arsenal

[Added] USMC arsenal

[Added] SVD with 1pn93 prefab

[Added] PKM with 1pn93 prefab

[Added] MSV vS USMC LoadoutManager

[Added] IT-1TWS-315A (temporary NV)

[Added] AK-74M With picatini rail (needs configuring)

[Added] Added ECH helmet

[Added] AK-74M Dry Reload Animation

[Added] Aimpoint T1 (high mount and low mount)

[Added] Added PC_Gen_III model & placeholder textures and ground model

[Added] T14 Camo Barrel

[Added] T14 Commander hatch open action

[Added] PC GEN 3 to arsenal

[Added] ALL ECH helmets to arsenal


[Improved] Some back functionality for radial menu implemented

[Improved] Adjusted character prefabs to 0.9.8 update


[Improved] Summer vkpo pants rig

[Improved] EARHS backlight handling

[Improved] Change PEQ-16 preview image to be from top

[Improved] Reorganized loadouts of RF EMR prefabs

[Improved] AKS74U Hand Animations

[Improved] Complete factions and arsenals refactor; fixes #236; fixes #234

[Improved] Spotlight angle adjustment action changed to be adjustable with scroll wheel like BTR hatches

[Improved] Handling of equipping used NV set

[Improved] Handling of NV ADS to prevent NVG being visible in FPP

[Improved] Infratech model

[Improved] AKS74U w/LTSU Animations

[Improved] Optic position on an94

[Improved] Optic position on npz dovetail rail

[Improved] T1 textures

[Improved] AO on k17 and t14

[Improved] Improved PC_Gen_III model

[Improved] Improved PC_Gen_III textures

[Improved] AGS firing range

[Improved] ECH localization

[Improved] MeshObject of all helmets moved to _item model

[Improved] Improved PC_Gen_III ground model

[Improved] Added collider and LODs to 6B47 ground model

[Improved] Moved BaseWeaponManagerComponent to RHS_Character_Base.et to safeguard for future


[Fixed] 1pn93 grain effect

[Fixed] Fixed radial not opening on first go

[Fixed] L5 Skirt on t14 was not moving

[Fixed] Missing hierarchy component on t14 armor and pieces

[Fixed] Missing hierarchy on collimator base

[Fixed] Missing hierarchy on vz52 magazine

[Fixed] Fixed nonexistent ref in inputs context

[Fixed] Missing hierarchy component on many stuff

[Fixed] Missing SignalManagerComponent on many stuff

[Fixed] PGS64 name

[Fixed] T14 Lights

[Fixed] AN-94 railed now uses AttachmentRIS1913Short slot

[Fixed] Vkpo undershirt collar that conflict into the neck on some vanilla heads, and lowered shine on mat

[Fixed] 1P86 eye point

[Fixed] K17 Lights

[Fixed] Fixed an94 and m27 wrong attachment type used for optics

[Fixed] Fixed and improved time changer in the showcase world; fixes #221

[Fixed] EARHS for 0.9.8; fixes #227

[Fixed] Missing Hierarchy components in battery and antenna prefabs of ANPRC152

[Fixed] IR illuminator were not visible in NV sights; fixes #222

[Fixed] NVG for 0.9.8; fixes #224

[Fixed] Fixed AN/PEQ-16 and 2A42 0.9.8 sound errors; closes #253 #250

[Fixed] AK-74M Animations and reload sounds

[Fixed] Goggles were visible when ADS while in TPP after repossessing entity; fixed #217

[Fixed] HDR_Regular had reference to no longer existing class

[Fixed] NV would remain ON when player would stop possessing entity by holding Y

[Fixed] AKS-74U Animations and reload sounds

[Fixed] AN-94 Reload Sounds

[Fixed] M27 Animations and reload sounds

[Fixed] Vz52 Magazine (incorrect magazine well)

[Fixed] AN-94 Inspection Animations

[Fixed] Fixed error spam on 6B7, R187, optics, melee components and mags

[Fixed] Fixed reload anim playing during ranging with Vector or PDU; fixes #225

[Fixed] Fixed rangfinder second point indicator not clearing

[Fixed] Removed 0.9.8 error spam from MS2000, 1PN93 and 1P78

[Fixed] Fixed error spam due to missing CharacterWeaponComponent, now primary weapon selected at start; fixes #235

[Fixed] Pgs64 localization; fixes #244

[Fixed] Rifleman localization; fixes #243

[Fixed] RF MSV EMR loadouts; fixes #242

[Fixed] Possible fix to 2a42 missing tracer model; fixes #262

[Fixed] Sukharka RU localization; fixes #260

[Fixed] Removed unused params from ANPRC152 prefab; fixed 265

[Fixed] Updated radio OnCapture and OnReceive methods to comply with their respective 0.9.8 ScriptInvokers

[Fixed] Incorrectly added IR HP laser for ANPEQ16 prefab

[Fixed] No attachment slots were shown in inspection menu; fixes #259

[Fixed] Reticle on t14 and k17 optics

[Fixed] Fixed RHS showcase mission by removing Editor Faction Manager from the world

[Fixed] Fixed position of fire mode switch action in weapon inspection mode on AK74M

[Fixed] Reverse lights on k17

[Fixed] Localization on aksu ltsu

[Fixed] Broken HDR by NV effect

[Fixed] Magnifier position on 1p87

[Fixed] For ECH menu positioning

[Fixed] NPZ Rail Attachment

[Fixed] Infratech reticle issue

[Fixed] Vignette on 1tws

[Fixed] Collider on npz rail

[Fixed] Optic position on m27

[Fixed] T14 horn sound; fixes #251

[Fixed] Fix APS sound errors; fixes #249

[Fixed] Fix 2a82 sound errors; fixes #252

[Fixed] Fix 2a42 sound errors

[Fixed] Fixed more sound error spam; fixes #257

[Fixed] K17 recoil

[Fixed] K17 Commander Sight

[Fixed] K17 errors; fixes #229, #233

[Fixed] VKPO undershirt item geometry error

[Fixed] ANPRC 152 sound amplitude error due to renamed config


[Removed] -----------0.98----------

[Removed] Camo ural prefab, since its vanilla now

[Removed] Obsolete stuff from testmap

[Removed] Old PC_Gen_III ground model textures

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