RHS IR, NV and "Thermals"

Introduced in 0.3.910

This feature is incompatible with AI. They will perceive light sources as visible and detect the emitter, even if they are not equipped with IR detection devices.

This feature is MP compatible


Infrared (IR) laser pointers, illuminators and strobes cannot be seen by naked eye and are therefore used exclusively with IR enabled devices, such as NV scopes and NV goggles.

When using the IR enabled devices, the light sources will become visible.

When playing in multiplayer, other people's device light sources should display correctly as well.

Night Vision

Using NV devices during day time is stupid.

Night Vision (NV) comes in the forms of goggles (e.g., AN/PVS-14) and scopes (e.g., 1PN93). It is used to amplify vision at night and enable viewing of light sources in infrared spectrum.

Different types are available for both factions, and can come in different colors and quality levels based on the technology used.

Goggles have to be equipped to the helmet using the RHS Extended Inventory System and once applied to the helmet can be activated using the N key (hold RShoulder+DPadRight).

If you ADS with a weapon that has a mounted scope, it might automatically disengage the NVGs as they would be in the way.

Some Night vision scopes come with built in IR illuminators. They can be activated and disactivated by pressing and holding the N key by default (hold DPadRight).

Night vision sights do not require any special operation other than mounting them on the weapon and aiming.


A thermal sight, also known as a thermal imaging sight, is an optoelectronic device that allows the user to see in darkness, fog, or smoke, which are conditions in which regular optical sights would not be effective.

Thermal sights work by detecting the heat signatures emitted by objects and people. All things, both living and inanimate, emit infrared radiation, and the level of radiation increases with temperature. Thermal sights can pick up these signals and translate them into an image that the human eye can understand.

These sights create images by differentiating the temperature of the object being viewed from the temperature of its surroundings. Warmer objects will stand out against cooler backgrounds, making them easy to spot.

Thermal sights are commonly used in a variety of applications such as in military or law enforcement scenarios for identifying human targets, in wildlife observation for nocturnal animal watching, and in some industrial contexts for detecting heat leaks in insulation or overheating components in machinery.

Currently the base game does not offer any possibility to create realisticly functioning thermals. For the time being any "thermals" you see in the mod are white-colored NV sights with extremely high contrast as placeholders.

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