Default Key Bindings

RHS contains more than a few key binds and this pages is here to give generic description of what each of them do. Note that in some cases their behavior might differ depending on the device and in such case its respective page should have information about that.

Night Vison Bindings

Default key binds for all night vision elements like for example NVG such as PVS-14. These can also be applicable to NV devices in vehicle optics.


Night vision device

Toggle On/Off currently used NV device.

NVG built in illuminator

Toggle On/Off built in illuminator of currently used NVG.

Increase NV device gain

Increases the gain of the NV device, making things appear brighter.

Reduce NV device gain

Reduces the gain of the NV device, making things appear dimmer.

Set NV device gain to default

Resets the gain to default level.

Radial Menu


RHS Radial Menu

Opens RHS radial menu

Default key binds for RHS radial menu which is used to interact with equipment that player currently has on him.

Light Devices

Default key binds for all weapon mounted light devices such as but not limited to AN/PEQ-16.


Toggle light device

Toggle currently used light devices on/off. If nothing happens, probably the mode is not set correctly.

Cycle through light device modes

Cycle through available modes of currently used light devices.

Hold to momentarily turn ON light device

Will turn ON light device when pressed and turn it OFF when released.

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