Now the recruitment bit 🙂 To make this happen we certainly need more new talent! Please consider dropping us a line if you would like to try out for the team in the following capacities if your profile matches:

Asset creators: you are detail driven, accuracy matters to you, you are strong in HP/LP baking workflows for current generation PBR engines, you are familiar with Substance Painter.

-> Hard surface: Weapons, objects, architecture, attachments etc.

-> Uniforms, gear -> Marvelous Designer knowledge is a big plus.

Texture artists: you are detail driven, accuracy matters to you, perhaps you do not model yourself but are able to turn HP/LP models of others into stunning artwork in Substance Painter.

Animators: you are familiar with skinning and animations in any tool that is able to export to Enfusion (max, blender, maya etc.). This involves both hard surface (weapons/vehicles) animation as well as characters.

Producers: help our team inject the assets into the game, configure the models, produce copy, zero the sights etc. This helps us enormously! Especially if you are a bit familiar already with Enfusion Workbench.

Writers: do you have some experience in developing exciting stories? Especially if you have experience in writing for games.

Documentalist: do you enjoy technical documentation? Help us keep the mod translated and documented on this site.

If you feel up to the job please contact @soul_assassin or @PuFu on BI forums or BI Discord, but please only serious applicants need apply.

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