Demi Season VKPO

Introduced in 0.2.414

The VKPO demi-season suit serves not only as outerwear but also provides additional warming when needed, with an ergonomic design that conforms to the body.

The utilized jacket comes with zippered ventilation in the side pockets and underarms. Its front-cut hood and the bottoms of the sleeves—equipped with stitches on textile fasteners—are adjustable. Furthermore, the jacket’s hem can be tightened or loosened using a rubber cord and clips.

The accompanying pants boast removable, adjustable suspenders, secured with six clips—four at the front and two at the back. The pants can be partially folded back without removal thanks to these fastenings and side zippers at the top. Adjustability continues with the waist width and pant leg bottoms—managed by textile fasteners at the side seams and buttoned stitches respectively. Side zippers on the lower parts facilitate easy footwear changes.

In terms of material, the upper portion utilizes a mixed fabric of 99% polyamide and 1% silicone-encapsulated elastane; while the lining is 100% polyester. This fabric combination endows the VKPO demi-season suit with notable protection against cold, moisture, and blustery winds. When temperatures rise or during high physical activity, comfort is maintained due to the material’s properties and ample ventilation pockets. Plus, the lightweight, comfortable demi-season VKPO attire dries promptly.

To facilitate the attachment of insignia, Velcro panels are strategically placed at chest level, on sleeve pockets, and on the flap of the left sleeve pocket of the VKPO demi-season military uniform.

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