Summer VKPO

Introduced in 0.3.910

The VKPO summer military uniform is both hygienic and comfortable for everyday wear in temperatures above +15°C. The blend of natural and synthetic fibers, consisting of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, ensures that the VKPO summer suit effectively allows body vapors to escape. Moreover, it features enhanced durability thanks to the inclusion of reinforced rip-stop threads. Special inserts in the seats, knees, and elbows accommodate protective pads. Treated with the durable mosquito repellent permethrin, the VKPO summer kit remains resistant even after multiple washes, eliminating the need for additional repellents.

The straight-cut summer suit jacket of VKPO (VKBO), featuring a stand-up collar and is equipped with numerous practical pockets. Adjustable textile fasteners on the bottom of the sleeves and collar enable volume modification and, if necessary, allow for the temporary immobilization of an injured arm. Velcro panels, located on the sleeves, chest, and collar, serve to attach insignia.

The uniform includes a summer jacket, a shirt, pants and boots.

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