RHS Radial Menu

Introduced in 0.3.787

A new radial menu can be used with items that are equipped on your current weapon or person.

The menu automatically scans the compatible devices and their actions. Use the default \ key (press and hold) on keyboard or RB+View (see below) on consoles to activate the menu and if any compatible devices are found, the menu will appear.

The first menu will let you select the device and drill down to the actions of sub-actions of that device.

Release the hotkey with an action highlighted to engage it. Use the back option to go to the previous menu.

You can change the key and controller bindings in the game options.

Currently compatible devices with actions:



Zenitco Perst "Klassika" V4.0





As of version 0.3.951 item added to your inventory using the RHS Extended Inventory System can also show up in the menu and can be take off without going to the inventory.

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