The AN/PVS-14 is a multi-purpose night vision monocular developed by the United States military. It's part of the AN/PVS series, with the PVS standing for "Portable Visual Search." This series is used by the U.S. military and by other nations and organizations for a range of applications, including tactical operations, surveillance, and navigation.

The AN/PVS-14 uses light amplification technology to enable the user to see in low-light or nighttime conditions. It works by gathering ambient light, such as moonlight or starlight, and amplifying it to create a visible picture. This device can also work with an infrared (IR) illuminator in total darkness, where no ambient light is available.

The device comes in single or dual tube configuration in both Green and White Phosphorus elements.

The device also comes with a IR illuminator that enchances vision n very dark environments and can be turned on via the RHS Radial Menu.

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