Navigation and Positioning

The mod contains special devices that can be used to determine your position and help you navigate on the map. These come in the form of hand held devices and digital watches.

Both types are able to display your coordinates and each have a broad range of functionality.

Hand Held Devices

This includes things like DAGR (BLUFOR) and Orion (REDFOR). They can be equipped into a quick slot and when inspected can be interacted with using their keypads.

Go to the device dedicated documentation page to discover modes of operation.

If you have a map and a hand held device you can also bring it up in the map view by pressing the Globe button in the top toolbar.

Digital Watches

Some digital watches like the Garmin also have nav capabilities. Equip it into the watch slot to wear it on your wrist.

Equip the watch into a quickslot and inspect it to gain access to switching modes.

Use Switch Mode functionality to find the relevant information.

The watch will retain its selected mode once out of the quickslot.

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