We would greatly appreciate your support in finding issues with our mods. For Reforger we have decided to utilize GitHub for both internal and external task tracking. If you want to report a bug or suggestion feel free to make an issue and we will consider it for implementation.


  1. Do not make asset requests. Issues like "Please make XXX" will be rejected without prejudice. We have a list, we have a plan. Please enjoy what we make on our free time and provide to you for free. If this ever becomes a paid product, and you become a paying customer, then we can talk. Refer further to the FAQ.

  2. Make sure your issue is reproducible. Provide clear steps for us to reproduce the bug. This will highly increase the chances of us finding and fixing it quickly.

  3. Provide supporting materials. If you have things like logs, screenshots or error messages, please attach them to the issues. Read where to find the game logs.

  4. Report issues that concern our mod ONLY! If you spot something while playing our mod in combination with other mods, please try to switch everything else and test with RHS only to confirm that the issue is with us, and not a compatibility fault. We do not have the time to reproduce or fix bugs caused by incompatibilities. Issues where it is apparent that multiple mods are being used will be rejected without further investigation. Exceptions could be made if you know exactly the cause of the error and you think that Status Quo is the root cause of the issue of the incompatibility.

  5. State the issue clearly.

If you follow the rules, please feel free to submit your tickets here

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