Introduced in 0.1.80

The 1P21 Russian sniper scope is a sophisticated optical instrument designed for precision shooting applications. Featuring a magnification range typically set between 3x and 9x, it offers a variable zoom level to accommodate varying target distances. The scope incorporates high-quality multi-coated optics, ensuring optimal light transmission and image clarity even in low-light conditions.

One of the standout technical features of the 1P21 is its illuminated reticle, which can be adjusted in both brightness and color to match the ambient lighting conditions and shooter preferences. This illumination aids in quick target acquisition and precise shot placement, especially in dim environments.

Furthermore, the 1P21 scope includes a bullet drop compensation (BDC) turret or reticle markings calibrated for specific ammunition types and ballistics. This crucial feature allows snipers to compensate for bullet drop at different ranges without making manual adjustments, enhancing accuracy and reducing the need for complex mental calculations.

The scope is constructed to be robust and weather-resistant, with a durable aluminum alloy housing and O-ring seals to make it waterproof and fogproof. Its precision adjustments for windage and elevation offer fine-tuning capabilities, ensuring that the shooter can maintain consistent accuracy over long distances. Overall, the 1P21 Russian sniper scope is a technologically advanced optic, designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional marksmen and snipers.

At this moment, the 2D version of this scope is not functioning correctly doe to a game bug. We recommend using the PiP scope exclusively.

The reticle scales with the selected zoom so that the reticle markings can be used correctly. The separation between major lines is 5 mils. 1 mil corresponds to 1 m spacing at a distance of 1 km. In the image below you can see a 1 m cube being sighted at 100 m being exactly 10 mils at 3x zoom and below you can see the same at 9x zoom.

The numbers arranged in a circle around the main reticle indicate the current zoom at 12 o'clock position.

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