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The RPK-74M is a Russian-designed light machine gun (LMG) or squad automatic weapon (SAW) developed as an improved version of the RPK-74, itself derived from the AK-74 assault rifle. Chambered for the 5.45x39mm cartridge, it shares a similar design and operating principle with the AK-74 but is specifically designed for sustained automatic fire, making it suitable for use as a light machine gun. One of its key distinguishing features is its longer and heavier barrel, which enhances accuracy and provides better sustained fire capabilities.

The RPK-74M comes equipped with a folding bipod, allowing for stabilization when firing from a prone position or supported on a surface. It typically uses 45-round detachable box magazines, although it can also accept standard 30-round AK-74 magazines if necessary. Its primary role is to provide support fire in infantry units, delivering suppressive fire and sustained firepower during combat situations. It can be fired in both automatic and semi-automatic modes.

Various versions and modifications of the RPK-74M exist, which may include differences in furniture, sights, and other features depending on the specific model and manufacturer. The weapon has seen use in Russian military and paramilitary forces, as well as by several other countries that have adopted Russian weaponry or received them through export agreements. Renowned for its reliability and firepower, the RPK-74M remains a capable light machine gun in military and security contexts.


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