This document is regenerated automatically from our systems at a time of a release.

If stable RHS: Status Quo release is preceded by one or more experimental releases (not dev), then the changelog between this stable release and last stable release should be considered the combination of all the experimental changelogs in between as well as the changelog between the last experimental and stable release.


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 697

Date: Friday, April 28, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 41 (656)

Changes: 15 additions, 22 improvements, 20 fixes and 3 deletions.


[Added] MS2000 visible and IR functionality

[Added] MS2000 animations

[Added] ANPEQ16 High power modes

[Added] Attribute that allow scopes to see IR light

[Added] Dual PVS14 adapter with bones and full lods and textures & colliders

[Added] Subsonic 5.45 ammo to arsenal

[Added] VKPO summer field pants and undershirt (layer 1)

[Added] NVG Blemishes system

[Added] Summer VKPO pants and underwear to arsenal

[Added] Balaclava to arsenal

[Added] Loadouts to LoadoutManager_Editor.et

[Added] AKS-74U

[Added] AKS-74UN to arsenal

[Added] Crewman kit

[Added] Kits with AN-94


[Improved] Strobe effect when switching NV

[Improved] MS2K Collider

[Improved] VKPO demiseason jacket - textures, add lods, fix rig

[Improved] VKPO demiseason pants - textures

[Improved] Faradey boots size adjusted

[Improved] Binos Layout + fixes for positioning entities

[Improved] Vkpo boots - add lods

[Improved] Vkpo cap - were fixed proportions for all vanilla heads, add lods, upd textures

[Improved] Names for new things

[Improved] Dual NVG general prefab improvements

[Improved] 1pn93 filmgrain effect

[Improved] Added LODs to Peltor Item model

[Improved] Vkpo inv preview

[Improved] K17 textures

[Improved] Vkpo textures

[Improved] Vkpo textures 2

[Improved] EMR texture on VKPO

[Improved] Vkpo 6b51 textures 3

[Improved] Added AKS74UN base prefab

[Improved] Textures for vkpo items

[Improved] Localization for equipment kits

[Improved] Localization for AKS-74UN


[Fixed] IR lights were not visible to NV rifle scopes

[Fixed] Some IR lights would not be visible for authority

[Fixed] Desaturation of HDR material of rifle scopes

[Fixed] MS2000 Collider

[Fixed] Various NVG stuff collider fixes

[Fixed] Skinning on MS2K

[Fixed] NPE when IR device was deleted from the map

[Fixed] NPE when light device was deleted when strobe effect was active

[Fixed] Issue when having NVG would prevent IR capable scopes from seeing IR light

[Fixed] K17 Wheel lods

[Fixed] HDR application when swapping NVG to a set that is turned on

[Fixed] Body invisibility after wearing vkpo

[Fixed] 6B45 Item Renderer

[Fixed] Weird shadow on K17 Wheels

[Fixed] A2 Flashhider now has temp black material

[Fixed] Normal map on 6b51 elbows

[Fixed] Optic position on AK-74N

[Fixed] Optic position on AKS-74UN

[Fixed] Fixed PGS64 not being reattach function

[Fixed] Fixed AKS74U inheritance


[Removed] Old version of 1pn138

[Removed] Unused components from Puncox, Wilcox, L4G24, PVS14

[Removed] Obsolete vkpo materials


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 656

Date: Friday, April 14, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 8 (648)

Changes: 3 additions, 3 improvements, 4 fixes and 0 deletions.


[Added] Commander turret to K17 Epoch

[Added] Missiles to K17 Epoch

[Added] NV Layout system for limiting wearer view with additional images of dual and quad layout masks


[Improved] Removed obsolete attachment classes

[Improved] NVG IR lights support

[Improved] Proper IR lights that are only visible in night vision


[Fixed] Fixed wrong editor preview link in T14 base

[Fixed] NV flickering when using higher power scopes

[Fixed] MS2000 Bones for animation.

[Fixed] T-14 Turret lod 2 and 3 were missing skinning



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 648

Date: Sunday, April 9, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 151 (497)

Changes: 53 additions, 59 improvements, 32 fixes and 7 deletions.


[Added] Wilcox PVS14 Adapter

[Added] M27 Flip Sight Script

[Added] A2 Flash hider Attachment

[Added] Added MP synchronization of NVG state

[Added] Added automatic hiding of NVG model in FPV + Added NVG post processing effect

[Added] Added olive Peltors

[Added] Added White Phosphor variant of NVG

[Added] Added small light source when NVG is ON

[Added] T14

[Added] 3bM69 APFSDS-T for T14

[Added] Warhead_Shell_HE_125

[Added] Ammo_Spall_HE_125.et

[Added] Added boonie hat to the RHS crate

[Added] Skirt proc anim for t-14

[Added] 125mm HE hit effect

[Added] 2a82 Shot effects

[Added] 2a82 Shot Sound

[Added] 3 Variations of shrapnel prefabs for 125mm HE

[Added] Armata version with only HE shells (temporary until we got ability to reload shells that we want for testing, doesnt include in arsenal.conf)

[Added] Added LODs to USMC_Boonie_Hat_Ground

[Added] Placeholder optics for t14

[Added] CombatOps Arland MSV Flora vs USA

[Added] New way to change turret ammo with swap weapon button

[Added] AN/PEQ-16B

[Added] A lot of sounds samples for future

[Added] Tank icon for zeus menu

[Added] T14 Version with destructible ERA armor

[Added] Era destruction on t14 turret

[Added] T-14 Camo version

[Added] New t14 to zeus

[Added] Rear get in action for driver in K17

[Added] 2A82 recoil animation

[Added] LShZ attachment

[Added] Controller key bind for NVG toggle assigned to [Right shoulder]+[Dpad right]

[Added] Light and visible laser to the ANPEQ16

[Added] Inspect mode actions to switch ANPEQ16 mode

[Added] Localization for T-14

[Added] Added two modes for PEQ that will be used for IR (WIP - 2 high and 2 low visibility illuminators and lasers)

[Added] Clicking sounds for PEQ mode switching

[Added] Added USMC groups

[Added] Dynamic light for 30mm hit effect

[Added] More dispersion for 2a42

[Added] Shrapnel for 30mm HE

[Added] ANPEQ16 LED status indicator

[Added] ANPEQ16 knob sounds

[Added] ANPEQ16 procedural animations for its knob

[Added] Decals for 30mm he

[Added] MS-2000

[Added] Subsonic 5.45 ammo and mags

[Added] Cat eyes to T-14

[Added] Lods to K17

[Added] K-17 Wreck model

[Added] New screenshots


[Improved] Rearranged test island layers

[Improved] Added simple collider for USMC combat boots item model

[Improved] M27 Animations

[Improved] Improved NVG shortcut detection

[Improved] Improved NVG handling

[Improved] Tweaked and improved ACOG lods; closes #57

[Improved] Fixed missing M27 and flashhider strings

[Improved] Army M150 RCO now uses the chevron reticle; closes #202

[Improved] Changed Peltor to olive on LShZ

[Improved] Improved HDR material for GP NVG to fix 'black light'

[Improved] Reenabled RigidBody component for L4G24 mount as it has colliders now

[Improved] More vibrant WP light bleed

[Improved] Handling of entity possession with NVG

[Improved] Set nvg light bleed to be disabled by default to prevent glow when item was spawned

[Improved] T-14 lights

[Improved] Enabled AI driving on K17 & M1151 (without setting an params yet)

[Improved] 125mm HE sets

[Improved] TestingRedline.ent

[Improved] T14 textures

[Improved] 2a82 effects and sounds

[Improved] 2a82 Particles

[Improved] 2a82 Sounds

[Improved] Track textures

[Improved] T14 dynarmor refactor

[Improved] T14 armor model

[Improved] Increased air drag on HEAT penetrators

[Improved] Damage for 125mm and 30mm HE

[Improved] T14 damage model

[Improved] K17 Action positions

[Improved] Configured T14 Commander Turret

[Improved] Added RHS_ tag to tank entity class to avoid clashes with other mods

[Improved] T-14 Commander reticle

[Improved] Additional attempt to achieve compatibility with other mods

[Improved] Added counter rotation component to T14 commander turret (need to be tested in MP)

[Improved] Splitted R187P1 model to be able to use with EARS

[Improved] Added some experimental spalling to T14 AP shells

[Improved] Added coax MG to T14 gunner

[Improved] NV system separation to allow for reusability in the future

[Improved] Minor adjustments to NV HDR and film grain effects

[Improved] Changed actions names to prevent any possible conflicts by adding RHS to it

[Improved] Reduced size of interaction sphere on PEQ box to allow for from iron sights manipulation on m27

[Improved] Railed AN-94 can mount front rail devices like AN/PEQ-16

[Improved] Tweaked T-14 GM integration

[Improved] Added localization for IL-76

[Improved] HE shells can now be reloaded in T14 (changed magazine well)

[Improved] Changed default radio on USMC characters to ANPCR 152

[Improved] 2a42 camera shake

[Improved] 30mms Tracer

[Improved] Standing animations for AN-94

[Improved] ANPEQ16 strobe mode for currently used lights and LED indicator

[Improved] Renamed T-14 Prefabs

[Improved] File structure

[Improved] 2A42 light from particles

[Improved] Epoch and Berezhok hud

[Improved] T-14 skirt animation

[Improved] K-17 hitbox

[Improved] T-14 hitbox

[Improved] T-14 Wreck model

[Improved] T-14 LODs


[Fixed] Way of attaching NightVision devices to Rhino prefabs

[Fixed] USMC Boonie hat localization

[Fixed] Fixed duplicated gear in various Russian vests

[Fixed] L4G24 Texture & folding script

[Fixed] Fixed NPE when player didnt have RHS_RpcManager component

[Fixed] Wrong material overrides on worn black LShZ with Peltor

[Fixed] Fixed NVG MP synchronization

[Fixed] Fixed bug that would cause film grain effect to disappear when some menus were open

[Fixed] L4G24 Colliders & Lods

[Fixed] PVS14 Colliders & Lods

[Fixed] Wilc0x adapter Colliders & Lods

[Fixed] Zeus was able to un/fold nods of previously possessed entity if he had nvg on his main character

[Fixed] Bug that would remove some NVG effects when player would open some menus ie. inventory

[Fixed] Missing gamemat

[Fixed] Fixed duplicate emats

[Fixed] 30mm configs

[Fixed] 125MM configs

[Fixed] Error spam cause by era

[Fixed] K17 seating positions

[Fixed] 2A82 procedural animation

[Fixed] Collider on LShZ_attachment

[Fixed] Wrong classnames on RHS_Atoll

[Fixed] T-14 AmmoRack collider config

[Fixed] Weird workaround for missing signal manager component on T14 after post init

[Fixed] Removed button click sound when device was turned off by its timer

[Fixed] 30mm he bebryanka ((pelmen) warhead)

[Fixed] RPG-7 now able to attach nvg optics

[Fixed] Minor changes on T-14 an K-17

[Fixed] Temporal fix for fuel tanks

[Fixed] K-17 LODs

[Fixed] Added some missing stuff to arsenal

[Fixed] Minor fixes in characters


[Removed] Unused test prefabs

[Removed] L4G24 Item

[Removed] Old t14 from zeus

[Removed] 2A82 HE from T14 turret

[Removed] HE barrel from t14

[Removed] PKT from gunner

[Removed] Removed NVG test helmet from Arsenal - for now NVG is only available in showcase mission till it is further tweaked


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 497

Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 26 (471)

Changes: 7 additions, 5 improvements, 12 fixes and 1 deletions.


[Added] 6b47 version with balaclava

[Added] Added FROG Trousers Ground model

[Added] Added placeholder USMC faction

[Added] K17 Added GM Preview

[Added] Added USMC Boonie

[Added] Added USMC spawn points

[Added] PVS14 model


[Improved] K17 Get in positions

[Improved] Flashlight position on 6b45

[Improved] Tweaked R187P1 preview image in loadout menu

[Improved] Tweaked Suharka preview image and structure

[Improved] L4G24 Item Renderer


[Fixed] Ultimate fix for laser range finder (PDU-4/Vector) blocking ADS

[Fixed] K17 Sights positions

[Fixed] Hiding ManPacks

[Fixed] Floating pouch on 6b45

[Fixed] USMC clothing localization

[Fixed] Added missing items to arsenal

[Fixed] Fixed FROG Combat Shirt clipping

[Fixed] Fixed EMR MG group editor icon

[Fixed] Fixed AN94 skeleton contained _end bones

[Fixed] Fixed inspection actions on AN94

[Fixed] L4G24 Animations

[Fixed] Fixed K17 faction affiliation


[Removed] K17 Epoch Commander Turret


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 471

Date: Friday, March 3, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 3 (468)

Changes: 0 additions, 2 improvements, 2 fixes and 0 deletions.



[Improved] NVG grain effect

[Improved] Regenerated preview images


[Fixed] Fixed K17 Berezhok crashing dedicated server

[Fixed] Fixed EMR infantry loadouts



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 468

Date: Friday, March 3, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 1 (467)

Changes: 0 additions, 0 improvements, 1 fixes and 0 deletions.




[Fixed] Fixed OPFOR Arsenal crate had wrong GUID



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 467

Date: Friday, March 3, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 9 (458)

Changes: 0 additions, 1 improvements, 5 fixes and 0 deletions.



[Improved] Azart position on 6b45


[Fixed] Fixed reference to non existing material in Jacket 6B51 VKPO

[Fixed] Fixed wrong model was assigned in MeshObject of balaclava base prefab

[Fixed] Fixed NPE when game tried to load VONDisplay for AI Unit

[Fixed] Fixed potential conflict with standalone EARS (EARS side fix also already up on workshop)

[Fixed] IL-76 Missing audio



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 458

Date: Thursday, March 2, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 44 (414)

Changes: 18 additions, 25 improvements, 15 fixes and 6 deletions.


[Added] 30mm HE hit effect

[Added] 30mm 3UOF8 warhead

[Added] 1P90

[Added] Test AK pouches for 6B45

[Added] Integrated EARS functionality into RHS

[Added] Casing for 2a42

[Added] Test map TestingTerrRedline/Terrain

[Added] Added 1P86 localization

[Added] 3 pouches for azart radio, vog rounds, first aid med pouch and 6B45 presets for it

[Added] 1P87 with 1PN138

[Added] Added ANPRC152 Eng localization strings

[Added] Added compatibility list to attachment type and checks for that to storage and action scripts

[Added] Added ability to turn on/off the radio through [G]+[R]

[Added] Added ability to change knob position through [G]+[Scrollwheel]

[Added] Added ability to set encryption key for each preset separately

[Added] Added ability to add more presets

[Added] Added ability to set radio frequency by inputting it with radio keyboard

[Added] Radio unhide script


[Improved] Il76 sounds

[Improved] 30mm ballistic

[Improved] Azart textures

[Improved] Tweaked AK74M textures

[Improved] New reticle for Sig Bravo 4; closes #200

[Improved] SP81 Muzzle flash

[Improved] Configured red dot on SU230 with MRDS - close #197

[Improved] Tweaked collimator script so fake red dot is disabled by default

[Improved] Tweaked BUIS recoil behavior on SU230

[Improved] Added missing LODs on 6B45 with close neck armor

[Improved] 6B45 textures. optimized size to 2k

[Improved] Improved incoming radio transmission detection (compared to the latest EARS version)

[Improved] PDU-4 now has more accurate 7x zoom

[Improved] Weapons_HeavyWeapons_2a42_Shot.acp

[Improved] HIT_30mm_HE.ptc

[Improved] Smoke_2a42.ptc

[Improved] Tweaked 6M2 item LOD switching

[Improved] Name and description for new items

[Improved] 6B45 separated into vest and collar, improved rig

[Improved] Tweaked AK74M fire geo - added weapon_plastic material to the stock

[Improved] Radio will be ON by default unless it was loaded with the map

[Improved] Improved frequency presets handling between players

[Improved] Changed GUIDs of 6b45 and 6b45 (rifleman) vests so they are matching previously created prefabs - this way backward compatibility with already existing assets was maintained and some of the errors were also fixed during that process

[Improved] Added compatibility with community RIS optics

[Improved] Auto transform enabled for radio slot on ratnik SL vest


[Fixed] 9M113 not firing

[Fixed] K17 top speed

[Fixed] Removed duplicated entries in InventoryItemComponent of scopes

[Fixed] Fixed default camera position on GM showcase mission

[Fixed] SU230 reticle is no longer changing scale with zoom - close #198

[Fixed] LShZ normals

[Fixed] IL76UN_running.et sounds

[Fixed] Fixed 1P86 PIP reticle

[Fixed] Ak pouches rig and size, add lods and colliders

[Fixed] Azart localization

[Fixed] Fixed AK74M skeleton - removed some weird second skeleton, _end bones and other weird things

[Fixed] Fixed radio turning off when player is teleported over long distance

[Fixed] Fixed wrong gamemats on 2 M1151 colliders

[Fixed] Fixed duplicated signals manager component on 1P63

[Fixed] Fixed RHS GM Showcase scenario was loading wrong world


[Removed] Fixed wandering reticle on m8541

[Removed] M8541 Reticle now scales with zoom at least in PiP

[Removed] Not used samples for 2a42 shot sound

[Removed] Dynamic light for HIT_30mm_HE.ptc

[Removed] Not used audio files

[Removed] All cinematic stuff


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 414

Date: Saturday, February 4, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 413 (1)

Changes: 137 additions, 179 improvements, 88 fixes and 11 deletions.


[Added] Added some dirty Flora reskins of M88 uniform

[Added] Added APS wirestock configuration

[Added] Added RPK74N to ammo crate

[Added] Setup of RHS Aresnal

[Added] RPK74N (dovetail texture size and quality is temp)

[Added] 6L23 Plastic variant

[Added] AK74N prefab

[Added] AK74 Dovetail model

[Added] Added item variant for CVC

[Added] Added some basic AN94 prefab

[Added] Sounds folder

[Added] APS mechanics samples

[Added] APS acp

[Added] Added some test VSR textures

[Added] Added some Flora units

[Added] Added new test terrain with navmesh

[Added] Added Flora & VSR units & groups (basics)

[Added] Added arm patch experiment to M88 Flora uniform

[Added] Added 6M2

[Added] 1P78 Model

[Added] PDU-4

[Added] Test nvg

[Added] NVG test prefab and map

[Added] Test range for setting up scope ranges

[Added] Added modified version of SCR_2DPIPSightsComponent_RHS.c (doesn't seem to work yet)

[Added] Added AK74N with 1P78 prefab

[Added] FilmGrain hdr

[Added] Added some example PP effects for NVG

[Added] RHS_MagazineWell.c

[Added] APS Magazine

[Added] APS magazine base prefab

[Added] 1PN93-1 AK-74

[Added] Added AS, RPG, PKM and SVD versions of 1PN93

[Added] Russian language to gproj & generated runtime tables

[Added] SP-81 mesh

[Added] 26X45 Cartrige and casing (ammo for sp-81)

[Added] VKPO Demiseason Jacket

[Added] 6B47 Helmet; closes #3

[Added] Vector21 Rangefinder; closes #32

[Added] Added LoadoutManager_Editor.et in order to fix selection of RHS faction in Game Master

[Added] 6B7-1M Helmet

[Added] AK74M basic model and broken prefab

[Added] VKPO cap

[Added] Added Flare Particle Effects

[Added] Added SP81 Prefabs/Weapons/Handguns/SP81

[Added] Added Flare Particle Effects Prefabs

[Added] Added 26x45 Illumination Flare Ammunition Prefab

[Added] Added SP81 Flare Pistol to Test Mission

[Added] Folded vkpo pants

[Added] EMR unarmed unit

[Added] Updated Vector21 UI

[Added] IL-76 Model

[Added] Added 1пн93 Scopes for AK74, PKM, SVD, RPG

[Added] RSP-30 Model (texture, uv and rig are temporary and subject to change)

[Added] RSP30 Rig

[Added] Added ak74m weapon animations

[Added] Added new flare projectile as Ammo_Flare_26x45_White

[Added] Added new flare particle effect

[Added] VKPO pants with 6B51 kneepads (test)

[Added] Added basic rangefinder ability to Vector21

[Added] Some experiments with APS with stock animations

[Added] VKPO pants with 6B51 item model

[Added] Added AK-74M GP-25 prefab

[Added] Added RHS statuette

[Added] Picatiny attachment slot

[Added] AN-94 With rails

[Added] 1P87

[Added] Added PDU laser ranging script fully functioning

[Added] Few more picatiny attachment slots

[Added] VKPO jacket with 6B51 elbowpads

[Added] 1P63; closes #6

[Added] Lods for sp-81 and ak74m

[Added] Added TA31RCO

[Added] Po4x24

[Added] 6B45 (not finished)

[Added] 6B45 item model

[Added] 6B45 localization

[Added] Bravo4 mesh and texture

[Added] Added custom weapon hand anim to Vz52

[Added] Open il-76 version

[Added] Added new test terrain

[Added] Added placeholder EMR section of MSV

[Added] Added AK74M with GP25

[Added] Added RHS version of Combat Patrol

[Added] Camo version of ural cargo

[Added] LShZ-3 model 2

[Added] Fake early A3 style collimator script

[Added] AN-94 With 1P63

[Added] Added proper reticle for 1P87

[Added] Added lots of stuff to OPFOR arsenal

[Added] Added two olive CVC variants

[Added] Added Olive and Black CVC to US box

[Added] SU230 with and without MRDS

[Added] Added MSV spawn point

[Added] Added GM version of showcase scenario

[Added] Added Vector horizontal and vertical distance (press and release R, then hold R for 2s. and release)

[Added] Added 1PN138 experimental XOB file and textures

[Added] Added FROG Combat Shirt, XOB files and textures. Built prefab for testing.

[Added] Ratnik buttpack for 6B45

[Added] UN Version of IL-76

[Added] Added lods to il-76

[Added] Ability to change magnification for su230

[Added] Il76 version with running engines

[Added] 1p86

[Added] R187P1 Azart radio

[Added] Added M8541 Optic

[Added] NVG effect to camera

[Added] M1151 base mesh

[Added] K17 base mesh

[Added] Temp texture for K17

[Added] Added M1151 vehicle prefab

[Added] Added WIP FROG Trousers, XOB files and textures. Built prefab for testing & added to Showcase_full scenario

[Added] K17 Vehicle Prefab

[Added] Simple vehicle testsite

[Added] AGS-30 to K17

[Added] Case ejection particle to 2A42

[Added] Get in actions for hatches on K17

[Added] Placeholder exhaust effect for K17

[Added] Added WIP USMC Combat Boots, XOB files and WIP textures. Built prefab for testing.

[Added] Added LODs to FROG_Trousers

[Added] K17 Epoch Turret

[Added] Added 3M PELTOR ComTac VI

[Added] LShZ textures

[Added] High cut LShZ

[Added] LShZ with 3M

[Added] Lights to K17

[Added] Balaclava for LShZ

[Added] K17 to GameMaster

[Added] Peltor arc adapter

[Added] Added black Peltor texture

[Added] LShZ 1+ mod2 with peltors

[Added] Black peltor version prefab

[Added] Camo ural

[Added] K17 placeholder interior

[Added] Position lights to il-76

[Added] 3UOF8 HEI Ammo to the K17

[Added] Reload function to switch between HEI and APDSFS-T on K17


[Improved] Updated version file for testing

[Improved] Dovetail textures are now 1k res

[Improved] Changed lighting on test world

[Improved] Renamed Pistols to Handguns folder

[Improved] Tweaked RHS Arsenal config

[Improved] Added some initial APS animations and configuration

[Improved] Preparation of RHS arsenal box

[Improved] Added Manual Frame Range to anims

[Improved] PBR fixes on AN-94 and Platic Mag

[Improved] Added basic AN-94 animations

[Improved] Moved back AN-94 so it fits AK-74 animations

[Improved] Various rpk74n tweaks

[Improved] Tweaked AN-94 bone hierarchy

[Improved] Prepared AN-94 animation workspace

[Improved] Configured AK74N dovetail

[Improved] Made GUIDs unique

[Improved] Tweaked test mission + exposed in workshop

[Improved] Fixed file structre (once again)

[Improved] Tweaked an-94

[Improved] Some changes on devmap

[Improved] Removed old abakan blendfile

[Improved] Added working localization

[Improved] Tweaked test world

[Improved] Attempt to set localization properly

[Improved] Small 1p21 mesh fixes

[Improved] Added CVC to BLUFOR crate

[Improved] Tweaked visibility of AN-94 in zeus crate

[Improved] Exported updated AN94 to FBX

[Improved] Some basic configuration of AN94

[Improved] Attempt to enable ammo crates

[Improved] Added resourceDatabase.rdb to ignore list

[Improved] APS base prefab to use APS sounds

[Improved] Tweaked Flora textures

[Improved] Tweaked to uniforms configuration

[Improved] Added firing range to showcase mission

[Improved] Fixed 1p21 position

[Improved] Kh-55 texture improvements

[Improved] 1p78 now have its own mark

[Improved] Minor KH-55 texture improvments (only .tif bcz my tools are broken)

[Improved] Minor changes on NVG HDR

[Improved] Lifted matrial law in scripts

[Improved] Renamed 1P78 textures so they get proper compression profile

[Improved] Increased FOV of 1P78 (not calibrated yet)

[Improved] Tweaked order of PP effects

[Improved] Tweaked 6M2 inventory preview

[Improved] Final version of NVG HDR

[Improved] Now APS have its own magazine and full auto firemode

[Improved] Added 1PN93 LODs

[Improved] Improved sp-81 textures and model

[Improved] Reorganized assets a little bit

[Improved] Added RHS variant of SCR_FiringRangeScoringComponent.c (WIP)

[Improved] Registered Screenshots folder and added ignore flag to it

[Improved] Changed project language on SVN

[Improved] VKPO cap texture and rig

[Improved] Cleaned up world layers

[Improved] Added prototype of reticle scaling with zoom on 1P21

[Improved] Fixed ak74m ao texture

[Improved] Faradey boots item model

[Improved] Folded vkpo jacket textures

[Improved] M88 Flora prefab model

[Improved] MSV Flora loadout (return M88 pants)

[Improved] 1P78 Eye position

[Improved] Improved 2DPIPOpticsComponent

[Improved] VKPO Uniform textures

[Improved] RSP30 texture, uv, and model

[Improved] Rsp30 texture

[Improved] VKPO textures for props

[Improved] Name and description of VKPO stuff

[Improved] VPKO jack and pants item models - added UBX collider so actions would work on them

[Improved] Enabled fpv hiding for vkpo_cap.emat

[Improved] IL-76 Texture

[Improved] IL-76 Static model

[Improved] Improved Flare effect

[Improved] AK-74M texture and model

[Improved] VKPO jacket LODs and materials

[Improved] Updated APS animation file

[Improved] Tweaked animation switching when APS stock is mounted

[Improved] VKPO pants with 6B51 LODs, textures, rig

[Improved] Added lods and colliders on 6B7 ground items

[Improved] Slightly improve lod transitions for 6B7 uncovered item

[Improved] Tweaked SP-81 animation setup

[Improved] Tweaked preview models setup on SP81 anim workspace

[Improved] Added some base classes and improved naming of 6B7 prefabs

[Improved] Added straps to 6B47

[Improved] VKPO jacket 6b51 position and rig

[Improved] Added newer stuff to the arsenal boxes

[Improved] VZ52 and 1P63 Textures

[Improved] Thicker and ranged ACOG sights

[Improved] PDU properly ranged markings

[Improved] Acog optic dualcolor

[Improved] 6B45 item LODs

[Improved] Added new weapon inspection logic to AK74M & AN94

[Improved] Tweaked default action position on AN-94

[Improved] Tweaked 1P63 & TA31RCO scope params

[Improved] Added params for hiding of helmet accessories (0.9.7 version required)

[Improved] Tweaked 6L23 magazines inheritance

[Improved] Tweaked 6L23 default action position

[Improved] Tweaked optics inheritance & structure

[Improved] Added mount/dismount action to scopes

[Improved] Added environment probe to test dev map

[Improved] Tweaked firing range (added hit indicator for long firing range)

[Improved] Changed TA31RCO item settings so it fits into inventory

[Improved] Bravo4 is now usable

[Improved] Nvg hdr

[Improved] Vz52 is now correctly using snap_weapon slot

[Improved] Tweaked vz52 actions position

[Improved] Updated navmesh on test map

[Improved] Tweaked action position on some of the scopes

[Improved] Tweaked scopes inventory size

[Improved] 6B45 rig

[Improved] VKPO proportions for correct 6B45 placement

[Improved] Added missing alpha texture to some of the Russian headgear

[Improved] Tweaked configuration of flare ammo & ratnik vests (inheritance)

[Improved] Increased temporarily capacity of 6B45 vest so the EMR faction can be somewhat used in GM

[Improved] Regenerated content browser pictures for EMR troops

[Improved] Converted 1P63 to use collimator trick too

[Improved] EMR AR is now using RPK74N with 1P78

[Improved] HDR material for NVG scopes

[Improved] Tweaked color of 1P63 reticle

[Improved] Filter on 1p63

[Improved] Tweaked inventory previews on various weapons

[Improved] Tweaked 1P87 coli dot brightness

[Improved] Tweaked terrain layer preset

[Improved] 1P63 (lods and new glass)

[Improved] Added contrast filter toggle action on 1P63 (available in inspect menu)

[Improved] Further improved TA-31 reticle and FOV

[Improved] Tweaked TA31RCO script and setup

[Improved] Tweaked 1P63 materials (fix for weird alpha sorting in game)

[Improved] Tweaked AK74M zeroing animations

[Improved] Further improve Vector 21 script

[Improved] Disabled ironsights on AK74M & AN94 when optic is mounted

[Improved] Added TA31 and Vector to general RHS arsenal

[Improved] Tweaked TA31 action position

[Improved] Tweaked range finder script so it works with experimental build

[Improved] Added action tooltips for range finder

[Improved] Added unconsciousness to RHS Combat Ops

[Improved] Adjusted EMR troops loadouts (magazines)

[Improved] Improved Vector 21 key hints

[Improved] Added LODs to TA31RCO

[Improved] ARD hex darkening for enabled scopes

[Improved] LOD switching for RCO

[Improved] Changed bravo4 texture

[Improved] Tweak 6M1 LOD transitions

[Improved] Changed HDR on NVGs

[Improved] Tweaked render preview of picatinny scopes

[Improved] Nvg effect

[Improved] Added rest of Vector functionality

[Improved] Added RHS statue to RHS Arsenal

[Improved] Updated all english and russian stringtable entries

[Improved] Added localization to 6B47 helmet and variants

[Improved] Added localizations for 6B7-1M

[Improved] IL-76 UN Livery

[Improved] Buttpack textures and scale

[Improved] IL-76 Sounds

[Improved] Improved azart texture

[Improved] Time of day on test world

[Improved] Improved FROG Trousers(new belt/belt loops)

[Improved] Updated FROG Trousers textures

[Improved] K17 Engine torque and power

[Improved] K17 Buoyancy Simulation

[Improved] Improved FROG Trousers weights

[Improved] M8541 Textures update thanks to @sabre

[Improved] AI targeting in K17 turrets

[Improved] Added backup sights to SU230

[Improved] Hide Peltor in 1st person view

[Improved] LShZ model

[Improved] Color of emr

[Improved] K17 Buoyancy simulation

[Improved] Damage of 2A42 APDSFS rounds

[Improved] Various LShZ fixes and improvements

[Improved] Added most of the new goodies to appropriate arsenal boxes

[Improved] EMR troops now use Azart radios

[Improved] Peltor proportions on LShZ

[Improved] Ratnik gear textures

[Improved] Improved Marine Combat Boots texture/prefab

[Improved] Lights on the K17

[Improved] Improved PDU4 reticle; closes #194

[Improved] K17 Suspension

[Improved] K17 Tire settings


[Fixed] Fixed AK74N dovetails

[Fixed] Fixed FactionManager was missing RHS faction config

[Fixed] Fixed 1P21 strings

[Fixed] Cleaned up from files which were overriding Sample Mod

[Fixed] Forgot to plug in that anim to AN-94

[Fixed] Fixed PIP issue on AN-94 (temporary workaround till pivots are fixed in the game)

[Fixed] Fixed CVC visibility in first person

[Fixed] Fixed authored labels on groups & units

[Fixed] Fixed 1P78 name and added to test world

[Fixed] Fixed location of Arsenal related things

[Fixed] PDU position and color

[Fixed] Eye position on 1p78 Fixed issue

[Fixed] Kh-55 texture fix

[Fixed] Various localisation fixes

[Fixed] Nvg fixes

[Fixed] Fixed NVG brightness

[Fixed] First iteration of setting 1p78 ranges

[Fixed] Localization fixes

[Fixed] 1P78 eye position Fixed issue

[Fixed] 1P78 now have proper zeroing

[Fixed] Some more script fixes related to SCR_2DPIPSightsComponent_RHS.c

[Fixed] Final version of 1p78 zeroing

[Fixed] APS now have proper lods

[Fixed] Fixed PIP script due to bad API change; fixes #163

[Fixed] Removed test stuff

[Fixed] Fixed broken material overrides on 6B7

[Fixed] Replaced SP81.xob... new one has memory points necessary for prefab

[Fixed] Fixed configuration of ignored from packing folder

[Fixed] Fixed APS stock position

[Fixed] Added Different Color Flares

[Fixed] Fixed PIP UV map on 1PN93

[Fixed] AO on ak74m

[Fixed] Window texture on IL-76

[Fixed] Fixed 1P78 reticle in PIP mode

[Fixed] Replaced for now material override with prefab variants on 6B7 flora & olive variants

[Fixed] Fixed broken skinning on 6B7 LOD2

[Fixed] Missing files

[Fixed] Fix to SP-81 IK anim link

[Fixed] Hide pistol on soldier back

[Fixed] 1P63 Model

[Fixed] Wrong layer preset and material on 6L23 magazine

[Fixed] Fixed obsolete audio file assignment in AN94 prefab

[Fixed] Fixed remap related errors in console log when VPKO uniform was present

[Fixed] 1P21 script had duplicated variable in 0.9.7 version of the game

[Fixed] Fixed faction affiliation of Arsenals in showcase scenario

[Fixed] Fixed material links errors in various assets

[Fixed] Fixed missing AreaType param

[Fixed] Fixed RHS Arsenal faction affiliation

[Fixed] Size and weight of sp81 ammo

[Fixed] Normal map on il-76 engine covers

[Fixed] Localization of some items

[Fixed] 1P21 Position on SVD

[Fixed] Fixed vz52 duplicated weapon sound component

[Fixed] Fixed some colliders materials

[Fixed] Removed unwanted material overwrite

[Fixed] Fixed Flora pants missing in compiled version of the mod

[Fixed] Fixed lake in showcase scenario

[Fixed] Fixed offset of AN94 railed variant

[Fixed] Made SP-81 reload somehow working

[Fixed] Deinitialization of RHS PIP effects

[Fixed] VKPO pants - wrong position with shoes

[Fixed] Optics position on AN-94

[Fixed] Fixed SP-81 Ammo names

[Fixed] TA31 scope zoom and markings

[Fixed] AO on 1p63

[Fixed] Vector 21 ranging and azimuth calculations (use R for ranging and F for azimuth, both at the same time to see both)

[Fixed] Fixed Vecotr inheritance

[Fixed] Fixed RHS pip script was calling non existing materials

[Fixed] Fixed PDU4 VME in Workbench

[Fixed] Fixed 6B45 open inheritance

[Fixed] Fixed LOD switching problem on 6M2

[Fixed] Possible fix for US arsenal box

[Fixed] Various localization fixes

[Fixed] Potential rangefinder fix

[Fixed] Green CVC texture

[Fixed] Fixed FROG Combat Shirt prefab

[Fixed] Fixed strings for ACOG to be M150 RCO and M7 RCO

[Fixed] Wrong position of PDU and Vector on player's model

[Fixed] Removed Il-76 layer preset override from prefab

[Fixed] Collision on il76

[Fixed] K17 mesh hierarchy

[Fixed] K17 Fire Geometry

[Fixed] Fixed vector material overrides

[Fixed] Material instances on LShZ HC

[Fixed] Brake lights on K-17

[Fixed] Fixed changelog stuff

[Fixed] PDU-4 now uses advanced rangefinder script; closes #62

[Fixed] K17 Wheel Diameter


[Removed] Removed some obsolete files

[Removed] 1p21 beta

[Removed] Structure fixes

[Removed] Added devmap to make tests easier

[Removed] Removed obsolete files

[Removed] Removed SSh68 override

[Removed] Removed meta files for folders

[Removed] Removed some rogue file

[Removed] Unused jacket textures

[Removed] VKPO unused textures

[Removed] Epoch Commander seat to prevent crashes

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