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Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 1417

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 1 (1416)

Changes: 0 additions, 0 improvements, 1 fixes and 0 deletions.




[Fixed] Fixed radio backpack causing crash on servers



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 1416

Date: Friday, October 13, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 1 (1415)

Changes: 0 additions, 0 improvements, 1 fixes and 0 deletions.




[Fixed] Fixed levitating AK pouch in last LOD (missing skinning in last LOD)



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 1415

Date: Friday, October 13, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 6 (1409)

Changes: 1 additions, 3 improvements, 2 fixes and 0 deletions.


[Added] BS-1 30mm Grenade


[Improved] Added workaround for PC Gen III magazines being spawned at 0,0,0 in multiplayer

[Improved] Localization of magazines further unified

[Improved] Reduced capacity of Suharka to more realistic values


[Fixed] Follower on M855A1 stanag is now brown instead of a blue

[Fixed] Hole in APS mesh



Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 1409

Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 144 (1265)

Changes: 16 additions, 53 improvements, 39 fixes and 3 deletions.


[Added] DD12.5 model & textures

[Added] Boot and Power Down pages for DAGR

[Added] Night vision for T14 (gunner and commander)

[Added] Night vision for K17 (Berezok - gunner - and Epoch - gunner and commander); fixes #373

[Added] Added RPK-74M

[Added] Added armor plate degradation to 6B45

[Added] Added plate degradation to PC Gen III vest

[Added] New modern ammo for both USMC & AFRF (WIP)

[Added] Added information about ammo type to inventory items; fixes #495

[Added] Plate degradation indicator (when hovering over that plate); fixes #496

[Added] 5.56 STANAG 30 with Plastic puller

[Added] 5.56 STANAG 30 WITH Rubber puller

[Added] Added armor plates to both USMC and MSV arsenals

[Added] Inspect Animations to RPK-74M

[Added] WIP AKS-74U with Grenade Launcher

[Added] "Sukharka" backpack Type 3 with MPL-50 shovel


[Improved] Reduced burning time for 122 and 125 HE traccer

[Improved] Slightly improved collimator on 1p63

[Improved] Reduced previous placeholder capacity of plate carriers

[Improved] Added proper preview images for 2s1

[Improved] Added NO 2D warning sign for scopes that dont support 2d optics

[Improved] Changed number of spalling for 3UBR6

[Improved] Changed turret rotation speed on 2s1

[Improved] M4A1 Barrel materials

[Improved] DD rails textures

[Improved] Way of adding new pages and scalability of DAGR layout

[Improved] Available action hits for night vision will now disappear after 10 seconds (after each appearance)

[Improved] RPK-74M now uses plastic mag instead of bakelite one by default

[Improved] Changed 3UBR6 damage

[Improved] Changed 3UOF8 damage

[Improved] Better nightvision for vehicles

[Improved] Tweaked armor plates properties

[Improved] Changed default magazines on M4 & M27IAR

[Improved] Added ability to change reticle color on T-14 and K-17

[Improved] Tweaked AFRF EMR loadouts to include new magazines (WIP)

[Improved] Added new magazines to Arsenal

[Improved] Tweaked durability of armor plates

[Improved] More loadouts tweaks

[Improved] Added "Fold stock" action to AK-74M

[Improved] Added "Fold stock" action to AKS-74UN

[Improved] Added "Fold stock" action to AN-94

[Improved] Added Tourniquet to the USMC arsenal

[Improved] Added AT, AR, GL loadouts to the Combat Ops USMC vs MSV scenario

[Improved] Added ammunition type to the magazine name for ones that use M855A1, M995, 7N13 or 7N14

[Improved] Changed magazine preview for ones that use M855A1, M995, 7N13 or 7N14 ammunition

[Improved] Ammo type is now visible in the UI

[Improved] Changed orientation of the magazines in inventory UI to be in line with rest of the items

[Improved] Changed Combat Ops MSV scenario to use EMR units by default

[Improved] Small tweak to available inventory items

[Improved] Another batch of minor tweaks to new magazines

[Improved] Ability to detach and attach plates to armored vests

[Improved] Temporary model and names for armor plates

[Improved] Corrected rail type on NPZ weapon of variants (from long to medium RIS optic rail)

[Improved] Added snap_weapon transform to optic slots

[Improved] Added NPZ variant of RPK74M

[Improved] Increased maximum number of player for Coop Combat Ops USMC vs MSV scenario

[Improved] Changed diversity settings in USMC vs MSV Combat Ops scenario

[Improved] Adjusted red dot size on SU-230 with MRDS

[Improved] Added 6B45 neck armor localization; fixes #497

[Improved] Srachnik can now be attached to the vests to protect players butt

[Improved] Added proper localization for armor plates

[Improved] Improved consistency in magazine naming for standard AK, STANAG, PKM and RPK mags

[Improved] Adjusted weight for armor plates and plate carriers

[Improved] 6B7 was split into helmet itself and covers for it

[Improved] Changed "Brzht" sound to electronic "Boop" on R-187P1 Azart

[Improved] Icon to indicate approximated armor plate state

[Improved] Assigned new SAPI plate model

[Improved] Adjusted item slot layout to better fit ammo type information

[Improved] Slightly calibrated RPK74M sights on 200 & 300m range


[Fixed] Wrong PSO position on AKS-74UN

[Fixed] Missing dovetail slot on AKS-74UN + B18

[Fixed] Scale of Berezhok turret

[Fixed] Reduced PC Gen III non plate protection, so it only protects from shrapnel. Protection of plates itself remained the same

[Fixed] Fixed Mag sticking out of 2s1 turret

[Fixed] Tucha smoke better Sync

[Fixed] Inspect action of AN/PRC-152 that is used for changing frequency could get stuck if player would hold for too long

[Fixed] Removed obsolete param from RHS groups which was spamming console log

[Fixed] Fixed 6X9-1 console log error

[Fixed] Fixed weapon resting on AK74M

[Fixed] Fixed default RPK74 bipod state

[Fixed] Fixed rogue US Army soldier in USMC squad

[Fixed] Wrong "on sling" weapon position on 6b45

[Fixed] Fixed RHS MSV Combat Ops scenario

[Fixed] Fixed RHS USMC vs MSV Combat Ops scenario

[Fixed] Wrong version of PC GEN III in USMC arsenal

[Fixed] DAGR hold actions wouldn't trigger if user held for too long

[Fixed] Old user action class on some M27IAR variants

[Fixed] Wrong ammunition used by some USMC loadouts

[Fixed] Plate state indicator would be visible for other items

[Fixed] In some cases ammo type information wouldn't fit inventory item slot

[Fixed] Wrong name and description for 'heavy' PC GEN III

[Fixed] Fixed wrong attachment type for RPK74M

[Fixed] Possible NPE when enabling radial for a weapon

[Fixed] RPK-74M name in replace action items was wrong

[Fixed] Fixed wrong ANPEQ16 laser prefab in USMC inventory items

[Fixed] Cleaned up some log errors related to outdated properties

[Fixed] "Srachnik" Position on character

[Fixed] Wrong attachment type and size of PO4X24P

[Fixed] Wrong inventory size of 1P86

[Fixed] Wrong inventory size of Infratech 1TWS

[Fixed] Wrong NPZ rail position on RPK-74M

[Fixed] Changed custom loadout icon for combat ops scenario

[Fixed] Minor veh. optics fixes

[Fixed] Replaced RPK74 finger anims with AK74 till properly exported finger anims are done

[Fixed] Removed armor plate integrity indicator from items that are not armor plates

[Fixed] 6L23 Plastic mag loaded with tracers had broken localization

[Fixed] Fixed kill officer task in MSV vs FIA version of Combat Patrol

[Fixed] Fixed Exfill task for RHS Combat Patrol versions


[Removed] Ground fire effect for destoyed vehicles

[Removed] Obsolete versions of 6B7

[Removed] Obsolete versions of helmets from arsenal


Release Meta Information

Built from Revision: 1265

Date: Friday, September 15, 2023

Revisions Since Last: 91 (1174)

Changes: 19 additions, 38 improvements, 32 fixes and 0 deletions.


[Added] Added alternative green 2S1 (Clean)

[Added] Added DAGR to Arsenal

[Added] Added New sounds for M4A1

[Added] Kiver RSP

[Added] K17 driver hatch action

[Added] Olive cover for TOR

[Added] TOR with peltors on rail

[Added] Faradey mod1085 boots (first ver)

[Added] Weapon animations to M4A1

[Added] Decal system

[Added] Decal system to k17

[Added] Decal system to 2s1

[Added] Tactical labels to decal system

[Added] Decal system to T-14

[Added] Manual gain control for night vision devices

[Added] Ability to switch back to automatic gain control for night vision devices

[Added] UI contexts to better indicate possible actions for night vision devices

[Added] Added AN/PRC-152 to the USMC arsenal

[Added] Ural 4320 camo versions


[Improved] Tweaked metalness and roughness values for 2S1

[Improved] M27 sounds improved

[Improved] Slightly improved TOR textures

[Improved] T-14 & K-17 HUD

[Improved] Added "open trunk" action to k17

[Improved] TWS1 UI

[Improved] Tweaked body armor game materials - NIJ4 class was using placeholder values which resulted in rather very high protection level

[Improved] Added GPS data to k17 and t14 hud

[Improved] AGS angles on K-17 berezhok

[Improved] K-17 Berezhok now uses its own custom HUD

[Improved] FLIR image

[Improved] Inventory for T14

[Improved] Inventory for K17

[Improved] Added DayTime switch to TWS-1

[Improved] Smoke launchers

[Improved] Added moke launcher to K-17 Epoch

[Improved] Slightly improved missle behavior on K-17

[Improved] "Thermal" HDR for 1TWS

[Improved] MP sync for decal system

[Improved] Night vision sight compatibility logic refactor

[Improved] Added NVG Gain controls for controller (RB+DUp/RB+DDown and RB+DLeft to reset); fixes #454

[Improved] Adjusted NV manual gain values

[Improved] Added a piece of glass to the AN/PRC-152 that must have fallen out during shipping

[Improved] Changed AN/PRC-152 on screen font

[Improved] User wont be able to select AN/PRC-152 second transmitter with radial radio menu

[Improved] Greatly improved consistency of zoom in 4x optics in both PiP and 2D; fixes #448

[Improved] Added proper reticle to PO4x24P

[Improved] T-14 Burning particle

[Improved] Burning particle for K-17

[Improved] Burning particle for 2S1

[Improved] T-14 Exhaust

[Improved] 2S1 decal size is now smaller

[Improved] Removed decals from T14 hull and added label decal to turret. Closer to how older tanks are painted.

[Improved] T14 and K17 sights updated to use screen texture and removed vignette

[Improved] Digital optics HUD

[Improved] Ability to hold [Arrow left] / [Arrow right] button (radio keyboard) to quickly jump through frequency of AN/PRC-152

[Improved] Changed K-17 Engine collider config

[Improved] Added lods to 2S1


[Fixed] 2S1 tracks have transparency now

[Fixed] Wrong camo localization for TOR EMR cover

[Fixed] T14 tracks not replicating

[Fixed] Trouser gloss over blood texture

[Fixed] T14 Fire Geo

[Fixed] Possible RPL fix for arty and tank shells

[Fixed] Broken tracks on 2s1

[Fixed] Missing hatch sound on t14

[Fixed] NVG mask would be displayed on wrong layer making it cover other UI elements

[Fixed] Recursive loop of decal system was checking wrong entity

[Fixed] Being able to use NVg while using vehicle turrets (fe. T14 turret)

[Fixed] Fixed EARHS; fixes #443

[Fixed] Radial radio menu now properly shows when second transmitter is disabled

[Fixed] Bugged item preview of AN-PRC-152

[Fixed] PO4x24 is now correctly named PO4x24P

[Fixed] Fixed Vector and PDU layouts to works with new optic system

[Fixed] Fixed T14 and K17 Epoch 2D sights

[Fixed] Fixed K17 Berezhok 2D sights

[Fixed] Fixed 2S1 2D sights (new reticle WIP)

[Fixed] T-14 Firegeo

[Fixed] Displayed frequency wouldn't update for peers on AN/PRC-152 screen

[Fixed] Wrong optic position on m40

[Fixed] Wrong inheritance on Tucha Smoke warhead

[Fixed] The sound of pressing and releasing the button for radio continuous action would only be played for the user who used that action

[Fixed] Radio and its attachments animations would stop playing if radio was no longer being held in hand

[Fixed] Removed duplicates of pickup and equip actions on AN/PRC-152 radio

[Fixed] Removed ability to fold not foldable AN/PRC-152 short antenna

[Fixed] Adjusted AN/PRC-152 layout to make menu text fit

[Fixed] Inverted antenna folding logic

[Fixed] Tucha smoke launcher on K-17 Epoch

[Fixed] NVG noise would persist when NVG effect was removed

[Fixed] 2S1 Wreck model


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