The PGO-7V3 is an optical sight designed specifically for use with the RPG-7 rocket launcher, a widely used anti-tank weapon. This sighting device is an upgraded version of the earlier PGO-7 models, and it is primarily used to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of the RPG-7 in various combat scenarios. The PGO-7V3 is characterized by its rugged design and ease of use, features that are crucial for the often harsh and demanding conditions of battlefield operations. The sight provides a clear and magnified view of the target, which is essential for accurately launching projectiles at different ranges.

One of the notable advancements in the PGO-7V3 model is its improved optical quality and enhanced magnification, which offer better target acquisition and identification capabilities compared to its predecessors. It typically includes a reticle with range markings, allowing the operator to estimate the distance to the target and adjust aiming accordingly. This is particularly important for engaging moving or distant targets. Additionally, the sight is designed to be easily mounted on the RPG-7 without requiring extensive adjustments or calibration, making it user-friendly for soldiers in the field. The PGO-7V3's combination of durability, enhanced optics, and ease of use makes it a valuable tool for anti-tank units and infantry soldiers employing the RPG-7.

To effectively use the reticle, one needs to use it appropriately with the type of round they are using. First it can be used to estimate distance to target using the 2.4m measuring scale in the mid right section. Once the distanced is known, the correct scale has to be used in relation to the rocket. See image below for the corresponding scales.

Align the center vertically with the estimated distance on the right scale and shoot. See examples of aiming below. The 2.7x sight's reticle can also use the width of the square to estimate sizes and distances. One square in width equals to a width of a 1m at 100m distance as you can see on the image below.

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