RHS Extended Inventory System

Put stuff on your stuff

Introduced in 0.3.951

You can use the inventory system and actions to attach and swap compatible items to clothing that you are wearing.

If you are wearing an item of clothing that has slots compatible with an item that is available to pick up either from the ground or Arsenal simply approach it and use the actions that pop up or use the inventory and drag and drop them into the item of clothing.

Currently compatible item types (attachment slots vary):

Clothing TypeAttachable Items






NVG Battery Packs

Velcro Patches

You can even add patches to appropriate velcro areas. Also, using quick actions you can grab items that are attached to clothing items that are laying on the ground (e.g. grabbing NVG directly off another helmet).

To remove the items, simply remove them from the inventory slots of the clothing item, or alternatively use the radial menu to detach quickly.

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