Introduced in 0.3.787

The USMC Plate Carrier Generation III, commonly known as the PC Gen III, stands as a pinnacle of modern tactical gear designed to equip Marines with the utmost protection and versatility in combat situations. This advanced vest embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and practical functionality, featuring modular attachment points strategically placed for the convenient carry of essential gear and equipment. Its integrated magazine pouches ensure quick and efficient access to ammunition, while the option to incorporate ballistic plates enhances the wearer's ballistic protection capabilities. Beyond its functional prowess, the PC Gen III prioritizes comfort and durability, allowing Marines to operate effectively and confidently in the most demanding operational environments. This plate carrier represents a pivotal advancement in the USMC's combat gear, reflecting the commitment to providing Marines with the best tools for their mission success and personal safety.

The pouches are attached separately to the plate carrier into the webbing slot.

To provide protection the plate carriers must be equipped with plates. Different plates are suitable for different plate pouches and have different protection capabilities. Armor plates also degrade once they take damage even if they are not penetrated. The inventory indicator both as a progress bar with the leter A in the icon as well as in the description tell you the state of the plate integrity.

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